Iced Tea Brands for Iced Tea Lovers

Imagine that afternoon sun shining down on you as you walk down on the neighborhood sidewalk. As you near your home, you think of a tall glass of refreshing iced tea waiting for you at home. While many iced tea lovers make their iced tea from scratch, having pre-made tea ready can be quite convenient; especially when you have been scorched by that summer sun. You can’t quite shake the feeling of laziness. That’s why having pre-made ice tea by famous tea brands in your house is the better option.

In this article, you will hopefully find a new favorite tea brand that will push you through the next summer period.


There are those iced tea loves who would prefer a flavor with the original ‘tea’ taste. If that’s the case, then Dean’s is the perfect alternative for you. This iced tea brand offers a strong ‘tea’ taste with a dash of lemon to the side. The combination of the two flavors means that Dean’s iced tea has pretty weak sweetness factor, making it perfect for those who are watching their weight or might have a problem with diabetes.  Serve yourself and friends a gallon-sized pitcher of Dean’s iced tea and enjoy the lemon aftertaste all afternoon long.

Gold Peak

We are ramping up the sugar levels with this iced tea brand. If Dean’s was on the gentle side of sweetness, Gold Peak ranks just a few levels higher. Considered against other sugary tea brands, Gold Peak has the perfect balance of sugar and sourness. A tall glass of Dean’s also has another benefit that has made it a popular selection among many across the globe. Over the past number of years, the emphasis has been on organic foods and products. Gold Peak has picked up on this and ensures that their iced tea is made from real sugar and not processed glucose-related ingredients such as fructose corn syrup.


When it comes to iced tea, Tazo is one of the more recognizable brands in the industry. Over the years, its strong taste has been the customary friend of iced tea loves across esteemed and renown coffee shops and restaurants internationally. It has established its position as the premium iced tea brand and thus might be slightly expensive than the typical iced tea. But we can assure you that it’s worth it. Check out its Lemon Ginger Iced Tea option. The rush of spice in the drink goes to your head and also leaves you with a fresh breath all day.  


Any of the above iced tea brands are solid, savory and exquisite options, guaranteed to pack a heavy punch to your taste buds. Settling down on which is a favorite is a hard move; especially considering personal tastes and preferences. The good thing with iced tea is the option of complimenting your cold drink with a hint of lemon, cinnamon, or even citrus. Regardless of the brand, the most important consideration is that you enjoy the health benefits of iced tea as you enjoy that sweet yet sour drink.

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How expensive Does It Take to travel Marokko?

The answer to this common question may be crucial for a trip’s success. Travelers need a preliminary time estimate to give a price quote. The knowledge also means the ability to plan ahead.

A trip through Morocco can easily be adjusted to your own budget. Depending on which hotels you choose, you rent a car or you choose to travel by public transport, you can make it as expensive or cheap as you want. When you travel through Morocco in the high season (spring & fall), the costs for hotels and airline tickets are a bit higher than in the low season. It is also often cheaper to travel in Morocco during Ramadan, because restaurants have more limited opening times and life on Ramadan has been adjusted. In addition, the choice is entirely up to you, do you opt for a budget trip or are you going for super luxury? We made a tour of ten days and were comfortable in between.

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Are you looking for a place to visit and have fun during your holiday?
If so then you should consider visiting Marrakech city in Morocco. Marrakech is a popular tourist attraction in Morocco with thousands of tourists visiting this city every now and then. There is everything for everybody and so you will never get bored while in the city. There are various attractions to see and various activities to do in Marrakech.

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Marrakech is the third biggest city in Morocco. It is a favorite spot for foreign and local tourists across the world. If you are looking to climb the Atlas Mountains or busy preparing for a trip across the Sahara desert.

Then Marrakech is the city to be. It is located very close to the Atlas ranges and the Atlantic coast. The city is divided into two districts, the European districts which are very popular with foreign nationals.It boasts of modern amenities to attract tourists. The second district is the historic Medina, and this is where you can purchase different items made in Morocco. Check out this video on the places to visit while in Marrakech. If you are seeking for most excellent accommodation facilities, good restaurants, market culture, and the best experience. You should check out these places to stay in Marrakech.