How To Update Your Bedding With Boho Pillow And Comforter Combos

Being ordinary is quite monotonous and this is why you need to make your workplace bohemian together with your bedroom and other living places. A colorful combination is aesthetic and relaxing. Most of us look to places that can make us more comfortable or more productive.

Do you know you can add more to your life by embracing the different cultures and styles around the world? I doubt you would mind taking compliments on how your workplace or home looks especially with those cute pillows, comforters, or throw blankets.

Why choose boho pillows and comforters

  • With the bedding, the pillows make your bed look cozy and this triggers the mind to a relaxed mood. In turn, your sleep is more comfortable and relaxing.
  • The comforters are an aid to rest especially when you just want to sit on your bed after a long day.
  • They add more life to your bedroom compared to plain bedding. The boho pillows and comforters are patterned and have cute colors.
  • They draw attention to the furniture as they add more color and life to either the couch, bed, or lounge.

Tips on how to use boho pillows

  1. Use an odd number of pillows on the bed. Either three, five, or seven. The even number combo is traditional and people are moving away from this technique.
  2. Use softer fillings such as feathers and cotton for a comfortable feel on the pillows. Stuffings such as foam, small beads, and buckwheat are not as comfortable compared to feathers.
  3. Go for different textures on the pillow covers. The ones you do not use at night, obviously you do not sleep on all the pillows, can be used for decoration purposes only and have a rough texture compared to the ones you sleep on.
  4. Go for pillows with different sizes. Most arrangements are the bigger pillows closer to the headboard and then the smaller ones follow but in a symmetrical pattern.
  5. If you are extra consider picking different shapes when it comes to pillows. When the bohemian theme is added to them, you can give your bed a unique appearance.

How to pick bohemian pillows and comforters

You are probably wondering what to settle for amidst a huge variety of boho patterns and colors. Go for something unique that will blend your home. If it does not blend in, you can find house decors to make them marry and look in place.

Combine colors from the walls, curtains, or even carpet. No range is perfect as long as you are comfortable with the patterns and pattern shapes on the pillows and comforters.

Break the monotony of patterns in your home by settling for different pattern sizes on the bedding. You can have pillows with a smaller pattern compared to the comforter or vice versa.

In conclusion, bring more life to your bedroom, living room, or workplace using bohemian patterns, colors, and culture. Know what ideas to go for and make your space magical.