Steps to Take if You Arrange a Party During Pandemic

There are people who exhale with relief as the quarantine begins. Finally, they don’t have to loudly celebrate every holiday in the world and come up with a thousand excuses why no one is invited (because you just want to lie at home on your birthday). But there are also those who have been waiting for this day and are not going to meet the holiday alone or just want to do something nice for friends, partner, child, or parent. Exactly for such people, here are comprehensive tips on how to organize a holiday using video and your own imagination.

Think about your party

Decide exactly what your virtual party will look like. The time of your online party should be announced in advance. You can offer guests a free choice of accessories for the celebration, or you can arrange to have kits with the same dishes, table decor, and floral arrangements delivered to all invited guests. A good gesture to emphasize your concern for your friends would be to send them FlowFlex antigen tests so everyone can get a quick check for coronavirus. Who knows, maybe it will let someone close to you know about the disease or schedule a vaccination trip that will help build stronger immunity.

The difference between natural immunity and vaccine immunity

Natural immunity vs vaccine immunity and facts to remember about Covid-19 have several fundamental differences. The vaccine works on the basis of a single spiking protein. Therefore, the antibodies are produced after vaccination. The “gate” of virus entry is important: the vaccine is injected subcutaneously, and the antigen goes to regional lymph nodes. If a person has had COVID-19, full-fledged immunity develops naturally. In this case, the “gateway” to infection is the respiratory tract, and local immunity is formed there, which is not present in the case of vaccination. There is a myth that it is better to get sick and develop natural immunity. In fact, if you get sick, immunity will certainly form, but it can be very expensive for your health because of the high risk of complications. After all, the risk of complications from an infectious disease is much higher than the risk of adverse reactions after vaccination. In particular, discussing this topic can be one of the leisure options at the party.

Plan an activity

Just like at a regular party, the online format assumes that you will all be doing something, so you should take care of certain rituals. Barely the most important is traditional food and drink. You can prepare homemade meals and have a few servings couriered for each of your guests, or order a small cake for everyone. Also, ask your guests to pour something into their glasses beforehand to keep the festive atmosphere going. If you like board games, there are plenty of options online to play with friends. This can be the next part of the celebration after socializing and greetings.

Delegate responsibilities

If you want to celebrate the date and don’t have the time or energy to organize, you can ask for help from professionals. Holiday preparation agencies are having a tough time during the quarantine. That’s why a significant portion goes online and is ready to make their own professional revolutions. 

You can delegate all of the organization to the helpers, from delivering cakes to all of the guests’ doors to planning contests or other activities. But as with any celebration, the most important thing is your mood and the mood of your guests.