The best street food you should try in Marrakech

In every city of Morocco, day and night, visitors can find all kinds of street food, from sandwiches and pastries to freshly squeezed juice and more unusual items. Marrakech is no exception. Here we explore his best street food.

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And now we bring to your attention The best street food you should try in Marrakech

Snail soup

Especially popular in Marrakech, snails can be found everywhere on Jemma el Fna square. This tasteful broth would have restorative and digestive benefits. This is almost enough reason to try. However, if that was not tempting enough, these characteristic chocolate-brown snails are soft with a delicious savory taste. They are served in a broth full of flavors and spices.

This was kind of like our garden in a bowl.

Orange juice

Morocco’s oranges are famous worldwide, so it’s no surprise that you can find some of the best orange juice in the streets of Marrakech. They come from the countless orange trees in the boundless alleys and courtyards of the city. You get a full glass of this refreshing, spicy juice, perfect to recover after a long day exploring the sun. It is a must while you are in the wide Jemma El Fna square to keep going while you wander.

orange juice

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Originally from Fes, B’stilla is also abundant in the streets of Marrakech. It is a special cake with layers of paper-thin cakes. It is traditionally filled with pigeon meat, almonds, eggs and lots of fresh herbs. Nowadays this pastry is also filled with fillings such as chicken or fish. Often eaten as an appetizer, b’stilla offers a combination of sweet and salty, crispy texture and doughy. For a taste of authentic Morocco, pick up one or two of these small pasties from a street vendor.

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This traditional Moroccan soup is available all year round, but is especially popular during Ramadan and is often one of the first things eaten to break the fast. This tasty golden colored soup is rich in tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas and some noodles and sometimes even contains meat. You will find this served in small cups or bowls on the street. It is a popular option to please even the most picky eaters.

Sheep heads

Although many people are initially disgusted with this, try to be open and taste something that is very popular in the streets of Marrakech. Try a mixed slab of offal, sole, head scraps and a bit of the rest of the sheep. The whole head costs a little more, but makes quite a meal. No snack along the way that you would find in Western countries, in Marrakech you will find more than one stall that offers this delicacy. Unusual yet delicious, the head of a sheep is a clear recommendation for the more adventurous foodie.


Small fried potato balls, these are the perfect, carby, multi-like snacks for a quick energy hit. Almost everything can be added to these potato balls; a popular option is spicy harissa sauce for an extra kick, or even a fried egg. This delicious combination is then put into a sandwich and crushed together. This popular and very filling snack is easy to find and incredibly cheap.



Chebakia is a Moroccan sesame cookie, shaped into a flowery shape, fried and covered with a mass of syrup or honey. Extremely sweet and very addictive, these delicious sweet treats are a must-try. It is a favorite during Ramadan and households often make buckets full of these delicacies by hand. Buying some from the street is recommended – the factory-made versions simply don’t compare.