The Yummiest Burgers Every Fast Food Lover Should Try

There is no generation that has loved fast food like us. If you doubt us, just try and speak out again about a milkshake and cheeseburger combo. That said, the standards when it comes to richness and taste are very high. And while there are a number of fast-food options to consider, this article is focused on the juiciest and yummiest burgers that you should try.

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When you bring up Culver’s, you better be talking about their iconic burger, the Butter Burger. Made with Wisconsin cheddar and Mid-west beef, the quality of the ingredients is simply exquisite. The contents are stacked on a buttered and slightly toasted bun that adds some crispiness with every bite. To spice things up, there is a slice of butter that is guaranteed to make you go for another.

Five Guys

The first statement that pops up when you order the cheeseburger from Five Guys is, “That’s massive!” Five Guys have a generous serving that is bound to hit the spot. Meat lovers know this and are constant customers here. The patty is well grilled and its taste is all-natural. The toppings and extras only seem to accentuate the beefy taste of the patty.

We guarantee that you will fall in love with this burger.


Next time you see a Wendy’s chain store, make sure to slip in. Don’t even ask for the menu. Simply order Dave’s Single. That’s the one you want. The burger is made up of a toasted bun, American cheese, tomato, pickle, mayo, onion, and a quarter-pound of beef. Yes, all that in one burger. What makes this burger on this list is how the ingredients come together. The fresh qualities of the ingredients make the burger stand out.


The name of the fast-food chain is an oxymoron considering the size of the burgers. Its cheeseburger is highly rated with a thick tomato and fresh, crisp patty. As you bite in, you can feel the mix of melted cheese, meat juice, and tomato sliding down your hand. Feeling hungry already? You know where to go.

A number of fast-food chain restaurants have quite a thick bun; but not Smashburger. They want you to enjoy the taste of the patty, the melted cheese, tomatoes, and onions. The bun is soft and thin. To add to its uniqueness, it’s a potato bun.