Where to stay in Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is the third biggest city in Morocco. It is a favorite spot for foreign and local tourists across the world. If you are looking to climb the Atlas Mountains or busy preparing for a trip across the Sahara desert.

Then Marrakech is the city to be. It is located very close to the Atlas ranges and the Atlantic coast. The city is divided into two districts, the European districts which are very popular with foreign nationals.It boasts of modern amenities to attract tourists. The second district is the historic Medina, and this is where you can purchase different items made in Morocco. Check out this video on the places to visit while in Marrakech. If you are seeking for most excellent accommodation facilities, good restaurants, market culture, and the best experience. You should check out these places to stay in Marrakech.

Radamon Hostel The hostel boasts of a 24-hour reception.

Any time you want to check in, there are no curfews in place. Facilities in this hostel range from a party atmosphere at the rooftop, complete with a cocktail bar and a turquoise pool. This is on the ideal hostels in Marrakech. Most of the hotels coming up in Marrakech are built with the modern design architecture, complete with state of the art suites, private rooms with bathrooms and shared dorms. If you are making plans to visit Marrakech, you should check out this hostel.

Amour d`Auberge Hostel.

Situated just off the lantern souk, this hostel is run by a family in Marrakech. If you don’t have the funds to spend in a private room or a state of the art hostel suite, this is the place for you to stay. The family does all the cooking, and you should expect the food to cost less here if you have a minimal budget. The facilities are simple, shared dorms and bathrooms that are very clean. At the canopy of this hostel is a restaurant, here you will have a perfect view of Djemma el-Fna square which is just over a hundred meters away from Amour d`Auberge.

Riad Berbere Located in the Medina district in Marrakech

The Riad Berbere is one of the oldest hostels in Marrakech. It was made in the 17th century by its Belgian owner Quentin Wilbaux. There are tropical plants in the middle of the hostel, and you can relax here in the afternoons. You will have a candlelit dinner at the roof terrace. The hostel boasts of a massage room to make your evenings more relaxing. This is a historic place to visit in Marrakech.

Riad Lamzia

This is one of the areas in Marrakech that has maintained ancient artworks to date. The interior dcor features an array of classical works like a typewriter, lamps, and turntables. The facilities are spotless and straightforward. You will have access to spacious rooms, with private bathrooms. The hotel staff cooks dinner. A French couple manages this hostel. Summary The Marrakech hostel services boast of numerous varieties of food and accommodation options. These hostels are always fully booked due to the high numbers of tourists visiting Marrakech. If you are planning to visit Marrakech any time soon, you should consider attending some of the hostels mentioned above.