Instagram SEO Tactics to Boost Your Visibility

Getting your Instagram page visible to the audience is essential to initiate growth in your account. One of the best ways to boost your account visibility is by adopting SEO tactics for your Instagram account. There are many ways to do this, from making sure to incorporate keywords in different areas of the app, as well as other methods.

Getting access to new followers is vital for the growth of an account, for this purpose try to engage real Instagram followers to your profile. They ensure that the followers regularly interact with your activities, as they are actual people who are interested in the content being presented in your account.

Having a solid Instagram marketing strategy will help you achieve this. Also consider using help from an external marketing agency, that can help you adapt a strong marketing campaign for your account, enabling you to gain followers and engagements on your account. 

Optimize your Profile

An optimized bio will use a variety of SEO techniques to increase the visibility of your account. For instance, the name of your account should incorporate keywords that are relatable to your activities and help people find your profile more easily when searching. Additionally, your bio should also contain secondary keywords to help you get noticed by search engines and in the app by the users as well. Also, try to incorporate relevant and targeted hashtags into your bio description, which can further help your visibility on the platform. 

Avoid negative SEO activities

There are some activities that negatively affect the SEO of your account, for instance, posting content generated by someone else can negatively affect visibility. Using too many keywords can also make it difficult for the app to relate to you in users’ search results, so keywords should be targeted and used smartly. Avoid using complex and long usernames, since they will be difficult to be related to search results. Furthermore, using the wrong location tags may also negatively affect the visibility of your account. Buying followers should be avoided since there is a high chance that the followers gained are fake and not related to the market and industry your content relates to. 

Post videos

Videos are considered a more sharable form of content, which in turn increases the chances of gaining more followers and visibility. Focusing on just posting photos and still images should be avoided. Posting long-form videos or reels can greatly benefit your visibility, so should be incorporated frequently into your account.  

Use alt text

For a better description of your photos posted on your account, be sure to add alt text to all of your uploads. The description can help by making your content more visible to the people and easily searchable. The Instagram app has the ability to automatically generate alt text, however, it is better to add the feature manually to provide a richer and more authentic description of the photos being uploaded. 

These are some basic SEO tactics to be used to increase an account’s visibility. It makes your profile more searchable within the app and for those using external search engines, to greatly boost your reach and engagements on your profile.